Enfocamp Summer Camp Staff

Each of our summer camps in Spain has a dedicated staff of camp counselors, coordinators and directors. Year after year we carefully selected each team of professionals for their dedication, enthusiasm and attention to our students. Together, they work towards one common goal: to make each student's stay as enjoyable as possible!

Summer Camp Counselors

To ensure plenty of personal attention and supervision, students are divided into small groups of 8 to 12 and assigned to a camp counselor. In the Granada and Sevilla programs, there will be 1 camp counselor assigned to each group of 12-15. These counselors spend 24 hours per day with their group, acting as mentors and tutors as well as taking care of students' personal needs and concerns.


Counselor Coordinators

In each camp students are divided by age into three categories: Kids, Juniors and Seniors. The camp counselors work closely with the Counselor Coordinator of their respective category to develop and supervise all camp activities and sports as well as try to ensure that each student makes the most of their camp experience.

Camp Director

After the executive direction of Enfocamp, the Summer Camp Director holds the highest level of responsibility and works closely with each camp's coordinators and counselors to ensure that everything at the camps runs smoothly.