Summer Camp Foreign Language Classes

At Enfocamp, we always keep in mind the ages of our students and the time of year... after all, we're a summer camp and the idea is to have fun! The summer language class content and material, as well as the teaching methodology, are designed and developed always looking to achieve the perfect balance of fun and rigor so that our campers make the most out of their foreign language class. We offer two foreign languages, though not all are available at every camp:

Summer Camp LanguageSummer Camp Language

Summer Camp Staff

The success of our summer campers depends not only upon their own dedication and motivation, but also in great part upon the team of dedicated teachers that enthusiastically share their knowledge. For this very reason we carefully select our teaching staff, all of which are bilingual, licensed in the teaching of their respective language, have the CAP (Certificate of Pedagogical Aptitude) and 90% of which are native speakers.

Enfocamp Methodology

When it comes to designing our language classes, we always keep in mind that we're a summer program. Class structure and content are conceived to motivate students in a fun summer setting, but also seek to maintain a classroom environment serious enough to ensure that they make the most of their experience. Our teaching method is centered on a communicative approach and utilizes diverse didactic approaches: speaking, listening, grammar, pronunciation, oral and written competence.

Didactic Material

On the first day of their language class, each student will receive a kit of didactic materials specially designed for their age group and their corresponding level of linguistic competence. The kit is complemented by other learning tools to further facilitate understanding.

Language Levels

The linguistic competence of each camper is determined on the first day of class, which they start off with a Spanish, English or German level test. Students will be then be divided according to their age and further divided based on the test results. There are 7 levels ranging from beginner to advanced in which students can be placed.

Report Card

Upon completion of the language class, the professor will give each student a report card detailing his/her improvements.