Off-Campus Permission for Campers

At Enfocamp, we understand that many of our campers, particularly the older ones, enjoy a certain level of freedom at home and want to be able to go off-campus with friends in an unsupervised fashion. That's why our program directors allow three (four at Marbella Albergue) unescorted trips off-campus per two-week session, provided that:

  • the camper was born in or before the year established by Enfocamp each year
  • the camper's parents have sent in a signed consent form prior to the start of the program.
Summer CampSummer Camp

The director of each program will establish the days and hours during which students may take unsupervised trips. Students without the previously mentioned permission, due to age or lack of consent form, will under no circumstances be allowed to leave the camp unsupervised. During the allotted off-campus times, campers without permission will follow the normal camp schedule and participate in the various scheduled activities.