Medical Attention & Insurance

To ensure the health and well-being of our campers, we provide 24-hour first aid at each camp site. Should your child have any allergies, special dietary needs, chronic medical conditions or any other requirements, needs or concerns, simply let us know in writing, preferably when you register. If you are sending your child's medicine with him/her to camp, please include full instructions on its correct use. In addition, it may be advisable for the student to carry with him/her a report of special medical needs filled out by his/her doctor. This program does not cover the costs of non-generic medications or off-site medical care.

Spanish campers need to BRING A PHOTOCOPY OF THEIR SOCIAL SECURITY OR ANY PRIVATE INSURANCE, which they should hand in to their counselor on the first day of camp.

International campers are covered by a private insurance which is included in the total cost of the summer camp program.

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