Marbella Alemán Summer Camp Facilities

The facilities of the Alemán summer camp's main building include the residence, a dining hall, an auditorium, a canteen, an infirmary and various common rooms. Students will attend classes in separate buildings, which are located adjacent to the camp's sports facilities.

Campers at the Marbella "Alemán" Camp will also be able to enjoy the campus' extensive sports facilities, which include a pool, extensive gardens and and indoor/outdoor multipurpose complex, where students can play football, volleyball, handball, basketball, etc.

Marbella Alemán Summer CampMarbella Alemán Summer Camp

Marbella "Alemán" Summer Camp Accommodations

Our Marbella "Alemán" Camp has two types of rooms:

  • Boys: Shared rooms for 10-13 students accompanied by a monitor in each room. Shared Bathrooms and showers are located on the same floor.
  • Girls: Shared rooms for 3-4 students accompanied by a monitor in each room. Each room has its own bathroom and shower.

Marbella "Alemán" Summer Camp Capacity

  • 220 students