Marbella Alemán Summer Camp Sports

The daily planning of our summer camp in Marbella "Alemán" is designed to allow students to participate in as many sports as possible, as well as in a wide variety of recreational activities and cultural workshops. All sports and activities are geared towards each specific age group and are therefore always age appropriate.

To see examples of the sports offered in our Marbella "Alemán" camp, click on the page below:

Marbella Alemán Summer CampMarbella Alemán Summer Camp

Marbella "Alemán" Summer Camp Optional Sports

One of the best times to develop and improve atheletic skills is during the summer! For that very reason, in addition to the camp's already scheduled activities we offer "optional" summer sports in which students can participate at an additional cost.

Students can choose 1 optional sport per two-week time camp period. In our Marbella "Alemán" camp, we offer the following optional summer sports: