Salamanca Summer Camp Facilities

The summer camp's main building is a historical edifice boasting traditional Salamanca architecture and dating back to the 16th century. The building's five floors are set in the shape of a "U" around a majestic cloister, which is visible from any of the school's large interior glass windows. The main facilities of the building include classrooms, a conference center, a video/TV room, a gymnasium, game rooms, a dining room, an infirmary and the residential areas.

Salamanca Summer CampSalamanca Summer Camp

The building's courtyard looks out upon the 16th century Church of Las Bernardas. Only those staying in our center can visit the church. Behind the church, there is an extensive athletic complex, where students will be able to play football, basketball, handball, frontón (Basque handball), volleyball. There's also an in-line skating rink, and campers have access to a nearby swim club, where they will go each week accompanied by camp counselors.

Salamanca Summer Camp Accommodation

Campers who participate in the Salamanca summer camp's residential program will stay in a double dormitory room, where they will have their own closets, shelves and a sink. Bathrooms and showers are located throughout the hallways of the residential zone's two floors.

Salamanca Summer Camp Capacity

  • 250 students