Salamanca Camp Programs

Residential Program in Salamanca Camp

The Residential Program at our Salamanca camp embodies the essence of our camp philosophy. By living, playing, studying and practicing languages together 24 hours a day, Spanish and foreign students can truly immerse themselves in the nurturing, multicultural environment of the camp. They will also share rooms, organized by age and gender, and will share experiences and form lifelong bonds.

  • Full board in the residence from Monday to Sunday
  • Includes all language classes, evening ativities, sports, workshops, etc.
  • 3 meals/ day
  • Double rooms
  • Rooms are equipped with closets, shelves and a sink
  • Bathrooms and showers are dispersed throughout the hallways of the two floors of the residential zone
Salamanca Summer CampSalamanca Summer Camp

Home Stays in Salamanca

International students ages 14 and older that do not want to stay in the Salamanca student residence can also choose to stay with a Spanish host family. They will participate in all of the camp activities - language classes, sports, workshops and excursions - from 9:15 until 20:00, at which point they will return to their host family's home for dinner.

Day Camp in Salamanca

The day camp program in Salamanca is ideal for those students who wish to participate in the language classes and camp activities but prefer to spend evenings and weekends at home with their families. Day Camp participants participate in all Salamanca Summer Camp activities, classes and meals until 20:00.

  • Schedule: from 9:15 to 20:00
  • There is an optional bus route service available

Morning Language Program in Salamanca Camp

Campers who sign up for the morning language program at our Salamanca camp participate in language classes as well as the sports or workshops that are held before lunch.

  • Schedule: from 9:15 to 14:00

Age Groups

  • A: 5 to 10 years old
  • B: 11 to 12 years old
  • C: 13 to 14 years old
  • D: 15 to 18 years old