Summer Camp Soccer Lessons

We offer two different programs for our Summer Camps with Soccer:

Soccer with Arsenal Soccer Schools

30 hours/ two-week period

We are including a new program in our residential courses: one that combines Enfocamp’s sumer program with soccer lessons from the prestigious Arsenal Soccer Schools. We’re joining the experience of our camps with the sporting knowledge of one Europe’s best clubs.

In this new program offered at our camps in Marbella and Madrid, students not only learn sporting values such as teamwork and the desire to improve, they also learn Spanish. The program consists of daily two-hour classes taught by qualified coaches from the Arsenal Soccer School.

This is a great opportunity to train and to have fun with the best.

Ask for our special brochure to get all the information you need before applying to this program.

Program available at the following summer camps:

Summer Camp SportsSummer Camp Sports

Regular optional Soccer Lessons

12 hours/ two-week period

The soccer program is designed for students, from beginner to advanced levels, and fledgling football superstars. They will have plenty of opportunity to learn ball control techniques as well as learning the finer points of the game.

Soccer lessons are available at the following summer camps:

It's important to note that...

  • Due to scheduling conflicts, students who enroll in summer camp soccer lessons will not be participating in language lessons. You can't always do it all!
  • Soccer sports camp spaces are limited, so we encourage and advise parents to register their child as soon as possible to reserve a spot.
  • Once the program has started, booking and payment will not be accepted.
  • Campers can only elect one sport per two-week period.
  • Once the camp program has started, you cannot join nor cancel a sports program.